Obstetrician & Gynaecologist in Indore

Located in the heart of Indore, Pushp Clinic is a health center offering various medical services. A significant section of the population suffers from critical pregnancy problems. With time, the demand for high-quality gynecology experts has also increased, for solving complex cases.

Home Pushp Clinic has a team of experts who specialize in the aforementioned fields. A proven performance record and excellent customer support have made the clinic a steadfast facility. The vision behind this noble initiative is to present affordable medical help to people. Spearheaded by  Dr. Sheela Chhabra, the clinic assures first-class care of the patients. Dr. Sheela Chhabra has more than ten years of experience in the field. In fact, Dr. Sheela Chhabra is expert in critical pregnancy and is one of the best obstetrician and laparoscopic surgeon in Indore.

The locality of Pushp Clinic gives a significant advantage. Vijay Nagar is one of the most popular cities of Indore and the presence of Pushp Clinic ensures more people can avail the service. Reaching the clinic is easy by various transportation modes. Customer support is provided round the clock and appointments can be confirmed online also. The qualified doctors and other helpers work in an amicable and humble manner with everybody. Emergency services are also obtainable so as to prevent any serious harm. Equipped with the latest technologies and peripherals, the specialists safeguard the patients against every complicated issue. The doctors in the clinic offer both consultation and medication. We treat patients from different segments of society and consider them an imperative part of our group. Testimonials from numerous patients prove that we work as a family with all our patients. The references are available for all future customers on our website. The trust and reliance of the people on Pushp Clinic have made the center a prominent healing center.”



Treatment related Period Problems

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high risk pregnancy

Pregnancy in diabetes, also recognized as Gestational diabetes is diabetes during pregnancy....

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laparoscopy surgeries

Open surgery has been replaced by laparoscopic surgeries due to the latter’s minimally intrusive effect. .....

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Pre-Issues, Post-Issues, Childhood Issues

For a woman, being a mother is the greatest moment of her life.

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Why US?

Experienced Doctors & Cutting Edge Technology

practicing in an Indore since 2011 with total experience of 16 years. whatever is latest in diagnosis and management of diseases is used to improve the outcomes.

Top-Rated Clinical Setup

We are dedicated to patient satisfaction. It is an everyday-every patient motto, which reflects in the satisfaction of each and patient that visits us.

Collective wisdom

The difficult cases are regularly discussed at many national and international forums to offer the best care possible. Regular X-ray discussion meets are attended.

Innovation and Research

A lot of efforts are put in to get the expensive latest techniques by local indigination to get these at affordable rates maintaining the quality as well.

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Manoj Patidar

Dr Sachin chhabra sir is best doctor in indore. He was done TKR of my father in last week. Next day of surgery he was walking with walker. Now my father walking with walker without any pain and any problem.

Mukesh Makwana

dr Sachin chhabra sir's behavior is very nice he is very cooperative and work is no doubt excellent ... I'm very impressed ...I will recommend his name to all my friends and relatives for orthopedic and joint replacement care ...

Rashmi Jain

He is the best surgeon in Indore .Best doctor I have ever met.He is very polite and supportive .He has a great knowledge of his profession.I have a great experience with doctor Sachin' treatment,I suggest every body to go to the the Dr. sachin if he needs an orthopedic treatment .

Suraj Jain

Doctor is very friendly, they treat you like a family and he has got so much experience in his field so you don't need to worry about anything my naniji had knee replacement surgery there and we are very satisfied with the result

Atul Vyas

Made the whole experience a pleasure to be honest. Felt completely at ease and relaxed and comfortable.

Anjali Jaiswal

Dr. Sheela Is very good... Well experienced... And friendly behavior... She always treats to the point of diseases and catch it expertly. She is the best doctor I ever met. Thanking you... For being what you are😊

Swati Soni

She is a friend rather a Doctor. Understands her patients very well and gives consultation accordingly. She takes care even for your hospital bills. For every lady who is expecting her first baby or having any trouble she is the perfect person to approach. Great gynecologist with good knowledge.

Chaina Karmakar

Dr Sheela Chhabra is very compassionate and caring doctor. Her warmth reflects while treating each and every patients. Her compassionate behavior and positive attitude heals the problem fast. Doctors are there but getting an understanding and at the same time mature, affectionate doctor is tough. I find her very skilled and well updated.

Saurabh Ganguly

One of the finest professional you'll find in the city, highly recommended

Lippika dey

She is really a exceptional doctor... Extremely supportive, caring and positive...

Animesh Khimla

Dr. Sheela Chhabra is a brilliant Doctor and a Fabulous human being.
We pray to God to continue shower his blessings and Mercy upon her and on to her family.

Shweta Raizada

Dr Sheela Chhabra is one of the best Gynecologist in Indore. I consulted her 5 years back and she was there for me at each and every point of my journey to motherhood. Will recommend her for every women who is looking for healthy pregnancy; you will be in safe hands.

Preet Hora

Hello I am anjali Sharma.my personal experience with Dr. Sheela chabbra is i am sharing with you all she is very talented and updated DR.At the time of my pregnancy she supported me and guided me alottt.she understands her patients and gives consultation apart from this she is very caring and always gives positive thoughts to her patient.she is the best Dr. I am fully satisfied with her I personally recommend to everyone Dr.sheela chabbra is a best doctor who is perfect person to approach

Manisha Chouhan

Dr Sheela Chhabra is very compassionate and caring doctor. Her warmth reflects while treating each and every patients. Her compassionate behavior and positive attitude heals the problem fast. Doctors are there but getting an understanding and at the same time mature, affectionate doctor is tough. I find her very skilled and well updated. I recommend Dr Sheela Chhabra as one of the best ledy doctor in I indore

Shilpa Yadav

Dr. sheela mam is best gynaecologist in Indore I ever know. She does her job very well.I got my first normal delivery done by Sheela mam,she always gives her positive thoughts & energy to me through out my pregnancy, whenever I worried. I cant explain mam in few lines...She is just perfect..Will recommend to everyone.

Alok Kumar

Dr sheela chhabra is not only doctor, she is caring like a mother. My family was is lucknow but I am not feeling alone, her guidance is really awesome. Whole time during my wife's pregnancy she is caring like my family member. She is the best doctor ever I have seen. Thanks a lot mam For your kind support.

Shilpa Sharma

Dr sheela chaabra is fantastic.she has been my gynaecologist for several years and she was my obstetrician when i was pregnant.she is very knowlegeable and she always made me comfortable when o waz induce she waz the one who deliver my baby and i could not be in better hands. She was vry comforting and encouraging during delivery and she checked on me several times when i was still in hospital.I cannot recommend her enough!!!

Sachin Jha

We have a very good experience, today blessed with a baby boy. Doctor Sheela is a best gynaecologic that we have .she is a good counselor as well.

Sopan Patil

Excellent treatment with the pecient.most important thing is that the behavior of the doctor with his pecient.we are most satisfied.